Italy evokes many things: the timeless beauty of the Roman Colosseum, the alluring luxury of the Amalfi Coast, and the unrivaled artistry of the Uffizi Gallery. Not to be outdone, Italian artisans and designers are world-renowned for their expertise, and their niche goods, stamped with the label “Made in Italy”, are shipped to every corner of the globe. From wine to luxurious cars to clothing, Italy makes some of the most sought-after products in the world—and for good reason!

True Italian artistry is unique. Consumers expect a level of craftsmanship and luxury when they buy a product with the merchandise label “Made in Italy.” PORSCIA® YEGANEH® knows that when discerning consumers buy a product with thelabel “Made in Italy,” they expect that product to be made inside of Italy. To set their truly unique production process apart, the founder, Porscia Yeganeh,developed the first ever “All Made in Italy” merchandise label name, stamped on all her creations. .

Beyond the notable creativity of using the tiered, fractured landmark as a defining element on styles, all PORSCIA® YEGANEH® designs are made exclusively in Italy—an impressive feat very few other brands can claim which led to the launch of the trending hashtag: #ALLMADEINITALY.

A commitment to authentic Italian-made products drives everything PORSCIA® YEGANEH® does. The company only works with authorized suppliers to ensure that every aspect of production of a PORSCIA® YEGANEH® piece is begun and completed in Italy with quality Italian materials. All PORSCIA® YEGANEH® products, down to the individual strands of thread, are made from high-quality Italian materials, and each piece is fully assembled in Italy. Such dedication to Forever Luxury and quality is only found with the All Made in Italy label from PORSCIA® YEGANEH®.

All Made in Italy also stands for a dedication to sustainability. PORSCIA® YEGANEH® works exclusively with authorized Italian suppliers who adhere to the company’s social, environmental, and quality standards. By carefully selecting the producers and suppliers at every stage of production, PORSCIA® YEGANEH® helps keep the local economies strong and vibrant.

PORSCIA® YEGANEH® is the one and only designer this world to use this unprecedented “All Made in Italy” merchandise  label. When you see the All Made in Italy label, you know that you are getting a luxury piece that was made entirely on Italian soil from Italian material, a piece that will provide you with Forever Luxury for years to come, and a piece that was made with a strong commitment to sustainability.

  • FOREVER–Lasting through changes in fashion trends
  • ROYALTY–The Royal Lady
  • EXCELLENCE–All made in Italy


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